My skills & offer

I am a full-stack web developer with over 10 years of experience.

I have maintained, developed and launched multiple projects from scratch, carrying the development of its' back-end and front-end codebases.

My current toolset includes AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Apache Cordova & Ionic Framework, Elixir Lang & Phoenix Framework, Ansible and all the other various frameworks, libraries and technologies related to them.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I can help you in your project in all from the UI mockups, back-end and front-end web development to fixing the design and installing & configuration of the application on staging/production enviroments.

Call me a Swiss Army Knife in terms of web development.

Front-end Web development

I specialise in applications based on AngularJS.

My current experience and skills in front-end:

  • senior JavaScript development, a’la prototype programming, promises, etc.
  • full integration of front-end development using Gulp,
  • usage of tools like BrowserSync, automatic tests, code minification, multiple environment support
  • usage of much more work-effective language syntaxes like: CoffeScript / ES6 / TypeScript, Jade, SASS
  • good sense of design and typography, together with some past experience in designing in Photoshop
  • knowledge of many open source JS libraries like React, Redux, Flux, Backbone, jQuery, Lodash/Underscore and whatever else.
  • ... and even Mobile WebApp development, with the use of Apache Cordova & Ionic Framework.
    With these, I can build a fully working native application for iOS and Android (both at once!) in Javascript in less than month.
    You can already find some of my mobile applications in my portfolio.
projects done completely in Angular since 2012
talks given about Angular development
co-founded ng-poznan, Poznań’s Angular meetup group

Back-end Web development

I fully develop my back-ends in Ruby on Rails and alternatively NodeJS or Elixir.

What I do is:

  • senior development of Ruby on Rails web applications and/or RESTful API servers (often used later in the Front-end Angular application)
  • cooperation with APIs, remote data synchronizations, cloud servers; workers
  • using different type of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch)
  • dividing the servers onto different machine nodes; database sharding; load balancing
  • deploying the application to the server with Git/Capistrano, Chef or Ansible
  • refactoring badly-written applications
  • writing unit & e2e tests

What about dev-ops, design, UI ?

During my time I have created tens of websites.

Thus, not only I have coded their back-end and front-end code, but I also often cared about other things needed in a successful web application:

  • good UI planning and thinking how it affects the User Experience;
  • consistency in design, typography;
  • search engines optimization;
  • deployment to the server (f.e. using Chef) and monitor its’ processes to avoid downtimes.

You say that I can’t be the best in everything? Okay. Send the UI & design job to someone else, and I’ll take care of all the development ;)

Of course I do not always work alone. I like working in a team. If you have an already working project/team, but still need someone to help it, contact me. I’ll fit into your needs.