Spontaneously meet travellers and experience the city together

Have you ever wondered what makes a trip abroad truly awesome? It is neither the place nor the activities, but the moments when you spontaneously meet other like minded travellers and experience the city together. That’s what Gulliver is all about.

Gulliver consisted of:

  1. Responsive mobile web application, well adaptable to every device (phones, tables, desktops)
    • … which can also be installed as a native application on Android & iOS
  2. Back-end server in Ruby on Rails, which serves as:
    • API for the mobile application,
    • an admin panel for the Gulliver’s moderators

Tech wrap-up

Mobile application

  • done in Angular & Ionic Framework
  • deployable as native app to Android 4.0+ & iOS 6.0+ via Apache Cordova
  • support for push notifications; and native FB authentication
  • used tools: Gulp, SASS, Jade, CoffeScript

Back-end server

  • Ruby on Rails
  • handles all the API requests
  • customizable admin panel