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    P.S. Besides works seen below, I've also done work for the following companies:

    This gave me a lot of ideas on how development, management, and other processes work in both medium-size companies and large corporations. For more details on this part of my experience, see my CV.

  • Tripsomnia
    Experience a lifetime adventure. Save up on your holiday

    Tripsomnia is a web platform that allows to book and sell local tours and tourist attractions all over the world. It serves both as:

    • a SaaS platform for tour operators and activity providers, to manage their offers, customers, orders, and agents cooperation,
    • a marketplace for end-customers to book the local tours and activities while or before the travelling.
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  • FestBlast
    The best way to enjoy fests

    FestBlast is an all-in-one platform that lets you easily find the best music fests, organize your trip and personalize your festival experience.

    This free web and mobile solution helps you stay connected with your friends & share your epic festival moments.

    1. Responsive web application (Ruby on Rails, Angular)
    2. Mobile application for Android & iOS (Angular, Ionic, Cordova)
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  • Recruitee
    A beautiful online tool to help you find, screen and hire the best talent

    The mobile application for Android & iOS includes almost all of the Recruitee’s web panel functionalities, like:

    • browsing and handling your job candidates;
    • assigning notes, rating;
    • moving candidate to another job stage;
    • … and a lot more.

    Technical wrap-up:

    • A hybrid mobile application (for Android 4.0+ & iOS 6+)
    • done in AngularJS and Ionic Framework
    • deployable to mobile stores as native app via Apache Cordova
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  • Reservise
    Simple online reservations for sports facilities

    The application allows for online reservation of courts and managing your reservations.

    • a hybrid mobile application (for Android & iOS)
    • done in Angular + Ionic Framework
    • deployable to mobile stores as native app via Apache Cordova
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  • Gulliver
    Spontaneously meet travellers and experience the city together

    This mobile application allows you to:

    • easily find activities for your nearest location,
    • meet other travellers,
    • set up a social meeting.

    Technical wrap-up:

    1. Responsive Web and native iOS & Android application (which includes e.g. push notifications).
    2. Back-end server, written down in Ruby on Rails - which handles API requests and includes an admin panel.
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  • GorillaFM
    An interactive online radio station

    Super interactive, one-page website for an online radio station. Besides listening to the music, you can:

    • browse radio’s tracks database; and request songs online;
    • have a chat with other listeners;
    • browse yours and your friends profiles, their favourite tracks and their activities;
    • gain experience as a listener and advance in your Gorilla’s rank,
    • scrobble your listened songs to LastFM and Facebook.

    Technical wrap-up:

    1. Stand-alone Frontend Angular app, which connects to the API server via HTTP & WebSockets.
    2. Back-end Ruby on Rails server, with HTTP & WebSockets endpoints, and PostgreSQL, Redis & ElasticSearch databases.
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  • TerazZaraz
    Job offers and your friends in just one place

    A popular Polish job aggregator with many social features, like:

    • invite friends;
    • write private messages;
    • recommend job offers;
    • create your own job offers;
    • find job offers located nearby, or created by someone from your friends’ network.

    Built on top of Symfony Framework.

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  • Slowniki-Pro
    Commercial dictionaries online

    Slowniki-Pro is a lexicographical project allowing to accomodate all the general and specialist dictionaries in just one, online place.

    Whole project includes:

    • publicly accessable front-end portal with online dictionaries,
    • a moderator and reseller panel, allowing to control the sales of the access to the paid dictionaries,
    • dictionaries’ editor panel, that allows the Slowniki-Pro and other clients to:
      • create and manage dictionaries from the browser,
      • manage dictionaries databases and editors’ user accounts,
      • record audio pronunciation of headwords,
      • create a printable version of dictionary,
      • export the dictionary to native dictionary application (available on Windows, Mac and Linux),
      • and finally, publish the dictionary onto the Slowniki-Pro platform.

    Written down fully from scratch in custom MVC PHP framework.

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