Commercial dictionaries online

Slowniki-pro is a lexicographical project allowing to accomodate all the general and specialist dictionaries in just one, online place.

Project’s aim was to replace all the old ways of building and getting a specialist dictionary, like: non-intuitive offline editor tools; installation of dictionary via offline medias like CD, DVDs; with simply: Internet.

Dictionaries had to be dressed into nice, intuitive web interface. To some of them, users need to register an account and pay a small fee to access them.

Whole project includes:

  • publicly accessable front-end portal with online dictionaries,
  • a moderator and reseller panel, allowing to control the sales of the access to the paid dictionaries,
  • dictionaries’ editor panel, that allows the Slowniki-Pro and other clients to:
    • create and manage dictionaries from the browser,
    • manage dictionaries databases and editors’ user accounts,
    • record audio pronunciation of headwords,
    • create a printable version of dictionary,
    • export the dictionary to native dictionary application (available on Windows, Mac and Linux),
    • and finally, publish the dictionary onto the Slowniki-Pro platform.

Tech wrap-up

  • Whole back-end of slowniki-pro and its’ editor tools: written down from scratch, in custom MVC PHP framework, using Doctrine ORM
  • Design of the SQL schema, that can be applicable for all the dictionaries and their languages available in Slowniki-Pro
  • Implementation of payments (via DotPay)
  • Automatic generation of PDF invoices
Slowniki-Pro Slowniki-Pro Slowniki-Pro